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Technologies used to enhance our products


HeiQ Mint

The plant-based deodorizer HeiQ Mint controls malodour development on textiles, providing fabrics with a long-lasting odour control capability that keeps textiles smelling fresh all day long.​


HeiQ Smart Temp

Innovative thermoregulation technology that provides fabrics with the ability to dynamically respond to body heat. The cooling function is activated when you are hot and sweaty and deactivated once cooling is complete. It helps to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

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Brrr PRO

Three cooling effects that combine to immediately and continually reduce temperature, actively wicking and drying skin. Brrr Pro enhances each individual fibre with the Triple Chill Effect® a trifecta of concentrated cooling, enhanced comfort, and a fresh experience. Additionally, Brrr Pro features a UPF 1000+ for the ultimate in prolonged sun protection.

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Merino Wool Fabric

Merino wool is naturally produced by merino sheep. The fabric is exceptionally fine and soft, making it very comfortable for next-to-skin base layers. The wool offers some very compelling naturally occurring properties, such as regulating body temperature and moisture wicking properties

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DuraStretch by Tweave

DURASTRETCH fabric is constructed of nylon (polyamide). It is a breathable, wicking, lightweight, highly abrasion-resistant fabric. Able to stretch in four directions and treated with DWR for high water repellently, making it perfect for use in all four seasons.

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Polartec PowerGrid

PowerGrid is a fleece material made with a grid construction. This grid pattern increases warmth, breathability, compressibility, wicking and reduces fabric mass over other fabrics.

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YKK Zippers

Only utilizing the best from YKK, meticulously chosen for our garments, YKK are the leading manufacturer of zippers for the outdoor and tactical industries. They are the obvious choice for our high end apparel. 

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