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Find out more about our background in the community and the industry

The Full Story

Night Heron was founded in 2020 by veterans of the Israeli Special Forces community.

Specializing in development, design and manufacture of cutting-edge tactical gear and garments.

We utilize the highest quality materials which our experts meticulously pick and test from all over the world, in order to bring our end users the best possible products.

With many years of experience between us, operating in freezing tundra's, harsh hostile deserts, and everything in-between, it's safe to say we've been there and done it. Being part of the community, we have direct ties with units in the Israeli special forces giving us first hand knowledge of what modern special forces personnel require to preform the task at hand.

Having direct ties with the units of the Israeli SF allows us to receive direct feedback from the community, allowing us to improve, adapt and change our products as the necessities of the battlefield change.

Within our military service, we saw a need for updated technical garments designed for the units specific use. By combining the latest materials and technology from the outdoor world with garments designed for use within the group, we are able improve the operators comfort and survivability allowing them to perform better at their task.


We are Night Heron.

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