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A durable, merino wool base layer zip neck shirt.
Moisture wicking and temperature regulating for cold weather conditions, thanks to the high-quality european merino wool used. Designed for active operations, where the operator may be sprinting or moving rapidly. Bravo A shirt allows the operator to stay dry, comfortable and warm yet maintan full range of motion.


A series of products are for active operations.
S series of products are for static operations.


Color: BLACK
    •  Athletic fit
    • Flat seams
    •  High collar to keep the users neck warm 
    •  Internally flapped zipper to prevent snags on the users chest
    •  Gusseted under arms to allow for a full range of movement
    •  No shoulder seems for comfort with combat gear
    •  light weight at 235g / 8.3oz  (Size L)

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